Kind Culture Co.

20 Token Kindness Kit

20 tokens to spread TWICE the love and kindness! Give your tokens out as a random act of kindness and brighten someone's day. 

You can leave them with a teacher, a nurse, a sibling, an old friend, or new one! Give one to anyone you feel inspired to - in secret or not. Tokens have special phrases on them to encourage the passing on of acts of kindness, love, gratitude, hope, and friendship. Tokens are made of MDF with non-toxic paint.

Multi-color: lavender (kindness token), pink (love token), teal (hope token), tan (gratitude token), peach (friendship token) Token size: 3.6 cm diameter (1/8" thick) Quantity: 20

**Recommended for children ages 3 years and up**

Designed with love in the USA. Responsibly made in China.

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