nailmatic // Kitty (glitter)

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Here, Kitty, Kitty! This adorable candy pink kids’ glitter nail polish brings the sweetest, softest touch to your look. Can you handle the cute? 

** 100% Fun: conceived by grown-ups very much in touch with their inner child, our nail polish has a water-based formula.
** 100% Washable: a bit of soapy water and poof, it's gone! Good news for your sofa and carpeting.
** 100% Safe: free from phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene and fragrance.
**No nail polish remover needed**

// About Nailmatic //

Because kids always want to copy the grown-ups, especially when it comes to fashion, nailmatic has invented the ideal way to play dress up. With super gentle formulas, colouring-book packaging and bright colours, nailmatic has turned nail polish into child’s play! Like mother, like daughter? Yes, but with one difference: our Kids range comes in a range of glitter and rainbow colours. No Lolita reds for the little ones!

A gentle, water-based product that is 100% made in France and 100% fun!
Guaranteed to be free from phthalates, formaldeyhyde, toluene and fragrance.
Dermatologically tested.

Shake the nail polish to activate its super powers, apply 1 or 2 coats, wave hands around to dry and that’s it! Forget about nail polish remover—this nail polish comes off with soap and warm water, or directly in the bath! It is recommended that this product is used under adult supervision. Not suitable for children under 3.

In addition to making your life easier, nailmatic also makes parties easier! How about creating a nail bar for the next birthday party? Now that’s an idea to keep your little princess and her squad busy!
#happyface #megaLOL

nailmatic only uses approved pigments (no nanoparticles), which reduces the range of colours possible—but we’re ok with that!
This range was actually created as a response to requests from loyal clients who appreciate the security that our brand guarantees.

Just as pretty outside as in, nailmatic has created a design especially for kids: each bottle represents a different character. #Mascot

Made in France, our packaging is the fruit of intense co-design sessions with OMY Design & Play, a graphic design studio specialising in creating colouring-in treasures.

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