Collegien "Lili" Lace Ruffle Trim Short Socks in Glycine Du Japon


Add a touch of sweetness to your little one's outfit with these Collégien ruffle trim socks. Soft & stretchy, these socks are as comfortable as they are beautiful. 

- Made using OKEOTEX certified long-fiber Egyptian cotton, which resists pilling
- Hand dyed, using an artisanal dyeing process that respects REACH standards 
- Soft and stretchy
- Made in France

84% cotton,14% polyamide, 2% elastane Lycra®

Sizing Guide:
18/20 (6-12 months // U.S. shoe size 2-4)
21/23 (12-24 months // U.S. shoe size 5-6.5)
24/27 (2-4 years // U.S. shoe size 7-10.5)
28/31 (4-7 years // U.S. shoe size 11-13)

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