Collegien La Haute Ribbed Knee Socks | Moutarde de Dijon


Our bestseller Egyptian-cotton knee-high socks impress all along the line with their exceptionally soft feel and wide range of original, garment dyed colors. These socks are subtly ribbed and timelessly stylish. Cuff is stretchy but not tight, which means they’ll stay put but you’ll barely notice they are there. Reinforced heel and smooth toe seam make them comfortable and durable. Perfect for children!

[in French, "moutarde de dijon" means "dijon mustard"]

- Made using OKEOTEX certified long-fiber Egyptian cotton, which resists pilling
- Hand dyed, using an artisanal dyeing process that respects REACH standards 
- Soft and stretchy
- Made in France

84% cotton,14% polyamide, 2% elastane Lycra®

Sizing Guide:
18/20 (6-12 months // U.S. shoe size 2-4)
21/23 (12-24 months // U.S. shoe size 5-6.5)
24/27 (2-4 years // U.S. shoe size 7-10.5)
28/31 (4-7 years // U.S. shoe size 11-13)

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