Hélène Ribbed Merino Wool Leg Warmers | Vieux Rose

These cozy and stylish Merino Wool Leg Warmers are the perfect way to stay warm and comfortable on chilly days.

Merino wool is a soft and breathable material that is naturally moisture-wicking, meaning it will keep legs warm and dry without causing overheating or irritation. The fabric is also hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin, making it ideal for children with allergies or eczema.

These leg warmers are designed with practicality in mind, with a stretchy ribbed knit construction that ensures a snug and comfortable fit. The material is also easy to care for, simply machine wash on a gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.

Wear over leggings / tights, under pants, or over bare legs for extra warmth during outdoor activities.

Brand: Collégien
Made in France.

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